Getting to the Root of Anxiety

Joana G - Choosing Safety
3 min readJun 13, 2020


A key proponent of breaking free from the grip of anxiety on our lives is to be aware of the internal and external forces which cause us to be anxious. I call this concept getting to the root of anxiety. In Part two of this study, we explored how threats, low self-esteem and an unsafe external environments are potential key causes of anxiety disorders. Today we will follow a similar study on how the concept of separation, values under threat and subconscious influences causes anxious feelings.

We can argue that the lock-down, the self-isolation and the physical separation from family, friends and our “norm” during the Global pandemic has had an impact on individuals’ emotional and mental health. Separation has been challenging and painful for those who live on their own, especially if they live alone in small apartments. We are faced with the question of how to overcome anxious thoughts and feelings when dealing with loneliness and negativity in the thrust of the global pandemic. Separation can be a dark period for some more than others especially for those who have lost loved ones, husbands, wives, children, parents and grand-parents to the Corona-virus. The same feelings of confusion and uncertainty around the future, rears its ugly head again.

Anxious thoughts and feelings can suddenly be provoked if the things we value are threatened, undermined or taken away. Take for example, employment. We hear in the daily news about the large corporations moving quickly into company liquidation and administration as a result of the impact of this destructive Corona-virus pandemic . Two thousand employees are then faced with redundancy. Not only do they face the prospect of an uncertain future financially, for themselves and their families, but they need to deal with the intense fear, worry and hurt over circumstances they have no control over. Do you see how important it is to be aware of how both the external circumstances and the internal emotions, can simultaneously cause anxiety to spin out of control?

Do you agree that unconscious influences can be at the root of some anxiety? What do I mean by the term “unconscious influences”? “Unconscious influences” are thought processes, memories, motivations, phobias, and desires hidden in the recesses of our mind, which we may not consciously or knowingly be aware of. These hidden thought processes, and phobias may trigger anxiety in a specific threatening situation.

Consider the times and places where your anxiety has been aroused?

Secondly, what clue do you have about this issue or issues which might be threatening to you?

Getting to the root is one of the key steps of breaking free from the grip of anxiety.

My prayer and God’s promise for you is this following word of scripture in 3 John 2

“Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers” 3 John 2



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